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BIMcloud Tags

Tips and Tricks Sonya Grabez 7 June 2024

Categorize and locate your Projects, Libraries and Folders on BIMcloud using Tags.

Tags enable users to categorise projects based on their level of completion, for ease of access on the BIMcloud Server. Tags apply to the Search option in BIMcloud SAAS to filter and quickly display tagged projects in the navigator.

  • To create a Tag, go to the ‘Projects‘ page in the BIMcould Manager and select the desired Projects, Folders, or Libraries.
  • From the summary section, click the Plus sign at My Tags:



  • The Add/Create Tag dialog appears:



  • The created Tag is now assigned to the selected item/s.

Go to the My Tags page of the BIMcloud Manager to see and manage your tags:


Tags will now appear in the Search Bar of the projects page to filter tagged Projects, Folders or Libraries for quick navigation.



*Please note these features are NOT available in BIMcloud Basic.

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