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Breaking Line for Sections and Elevations

Tips and Tricks Carolina Bundchen 1 May 2023

Breaking Line for Sections and Elevations

Sections and Elevations function as linear elements in Archicad.

This means that if a Section or Elevation is placed, it will cut and display with precision from the cutting line where they’ve been placed.

Sometimes the line cuts through objects, walls or other elements that will display as solid or simply they do not display correctly.


For those cases, Archicad offers the option to break the Section or Elevation.

Please follow this steps to break a line for Sections and Elevations:


1. Select your Section or Elevation and click along the line to activate the Pet Palette and select the option to “Insert a Break and Offset”

2. Move the offset line to cut through the area you wish to view and adjust accordingly


3. Check your Section to see if it is displaying correctly, and you can adjust in Section view by moving the break.

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