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Ci Cabinets v25 New Features – Module Setout

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 1 December 2021

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One of the new features in the Ci Cabinets tool for v25 is the ability to setout your Modules in the Cabinet Settings dialog.

Going to the Modules section of the Settings now will show you an interactive preview of the module much the same as before, and then a new 4-tab setting panel to allow you to change the modules. The screenshot below shows the ‘Edit Dimensions’ settings:

Modules on CI Cabinet Settings

The controls at (1) allow you to set the Width of the currently selected Module(s), and the point it is measured from

(2) lets you do similar, but for the module Width – note in screenshot above, I only have 1 vertical Module, so the setting here is locked, as it is set by the height of the object. If you have more than 1 vertical module, the height setting will be available to change

You can Split selected Modules Vertically or Horizontally using the controls at (3) – just enter the amount of pieces you want to split into, and then hit the button to split

And finally you can do the reverse of that, and Merges Modules using the buttons at (4) which do the following with the currently selected module, respectively: Remove the divider on the left, Remove the divider on the right, Remove the Divider above, and Remove the divider below

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