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Ci Cabinets v25 – Space Filler Books

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 3 December 2021

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Using the new Book space filler type in the Cabinets tool in Archicad 25, you can go a step further in the detail on your 3D model by mapping book cover images onto your books.

To create the images, grab some images of the books you want to use, and then in an image editing application, adjust the proportion of the Front and back covers, and the Spine in a 45-10-45 ratio:

Book Cover Design

Once you have a few of those made, load them into Archicad and create some new Surfaces with the textures attached:

Loading design on Archicad

Then in the Book settings for your Spaces in the Cabinets tool, assign each new Book surface to a Cover setting (there are 5 of them), and turn on the “Map texture as image” option:

CI Cabinet Settings

Once that’s done, you will now find your nicely randomised collections of books all show the covers as you made them:

Book Shelves

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