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Ci Keynotes – Don’t Forget to Audit!

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 26 November 2020


This one’s for you Ci Keynotes users – don’t forget about the Auditor!

Sounds scary, but I promise, it’s not related to texes in any way.

When you’re working through your project, it’s normal to, from time to time, make changes to your Notes database on the fly. Once you’ve done that though, you want to make sure that all your labels and schedules show that updated data correctly – and that’s where the Auditor comes in.

Just hit the auditor button in your Keynotes palette, as shown here:

Keynotes Dialog

You can then use the auditor to show any labels that don’t match the database anymore. You can select them here and Zoom To the labels to find out what you’re looking it, Repair them to update them with your changed data, Replace them with a different Note, and use Refresh to re-run the audit to check for further changes.

Audit Labels Dialog
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