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Enscape: Activate the Enscape Offer

Tips and Tricks Matthew Musgrove 13 October 2022


Enscape: Activate the Enscape Offer

This tip will help you connect your Select Subscription to your GRAPHISOFT ID and then take advantage of the Enscape Promotion.

The Enscape promotion is a two-year agreement at a 50% discount. Additionally, with this promotion, you can get Enscape for free for the first 12 months. After 12 months you will be invoiced for the second year only.


What is Enscape?

Enscape is areal-time rendering plugin that integrates smoothly with Archicad without disrupting the design workflow. With Enscape, Archicad users can experience their projects as if they were already built, thanks to photorealistic renderings and 3D walkthroughs inside the design environment.

It’s a great tool for creating Archicad renderings for client presentations and internal design processes. Renderings can also be experienced through virtual reality powered by Enscape. Launch VR directly from within your project with just one click, then navigate your model through an immersive 3D experience for better customer engagement.

Thanks to the intuitive Enscape interface and the smart integration with Archicad, no special training is needed. The tools are self-explanatory, and the workflow is easy to learn.

Download a 14 Day Trial today to see how it works!



Step 1: Connect your GRAPHISOFT ID to your Archicad Licence with GRAPHISOFT Forward/Select.

To open and run Archicad, you need a GRAPHISOFT ID. If you haven’t already created one you should do this first through this website; https://graphisoftid.graphisoft.com

From inside Archicad; click on the help menu then click licence information.

Step 2: Access the promotion.

Open your web browser and log in to https://enscape.graphisoft.com/promotion

Scroll down and click Sign In, then use your GRAPHISOFT ID credentials to log in. These need to be the same credentials you have just bound your licence with in the previous step.

Step 3: Choose your Enscape Licence Type

You can either have a Floating Licence or a Fixed Seat Licence.

fixed-seat license is limited to one machine. To transfer it, use the Remove function in the General Settings menu.

floating license can be used on multiple machines, as long as the number of opened Enscape windows does not exceed the number of licenses. An internet connection is required, but no additional manager. If there is no internet connection while you try to open Enscape, Enscape will start a 24 hour timeframe, counted on from the last successful validation. During this timeframe, you will be able to use Enscape as usual. If your computer still has no connection after 24 hours, or if your computer regains internet connection, but all of your seats are currently being used, Enscape will get watermarked.

See the process of activation in our webinar below!


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