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Scheduling the Area of a CI Wall Covering

Tips and Tricks Matthew Musgrove 28 July 2023

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Scheduling the Area of a CI Wall Covering

If you would like to make a wall schedule with the Ci Covering Tool areas, then you need to choose the Ci Wall Covering type in the Archicad interactive schedule’s criteria. In this example, I show the steps with the Wall Covering tool:

Firstly, to achieve the correct area calculation you will need to ensure that any trims that occur to the covering are completed using the “Crop to single plane roof” command. Using the trim elements to roof or SEO will not give you the correct area calculation as it will include the area of the trimmed part of the covering.

With the crop to single plane roof command you will need to break the multi plane roof structure down in single planes by right clicking on the roof > Split into single plane roofs.

The next step is to crop the walls below to single plane roofs by right clicking on the walls > Crop to single plane roof

Once that has been completed you can go ahead and create a schedule, ensuring that element type set to wall covering in the criteria.

Scheme Settings

Next step is to add the Library Parts Parameters to the fields at the Add Fields… drop-down menu:

Add the Library Parts Parameters

The Additional object parameter window comes up. In the Linked Libraries, you need to find the CI Tools Wall Covering.gsm file in the Coverings.lcf file (not the *.apx):

(Ensure that you have the wall covering already placed in your drawing so that the “Folder view (used objects only)” selection is available)

Then you can add to the fields, for example, the Main Cladding area.

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