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Create an Area Schedule of the CI Coverings

Tips and Tricks Andras Bognar 18 May 2021

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Create an Area Schedule of the CI Coverings

If you would like to make a schedule with the Ci Covering Tool areas, then you need to choose the Ci Covering type (Wall, Roof, Slab, Column) in the Archicad interactive schedule’s criteria. In this example, I show the steps with the Wall Covering tool:

Scheme Settings

Next step is to add the Library Parts Parameters to the fields at the Add Fields… drop-down menu:

Add the Library Parts Parameters

The Additional object parameter window comes up. In the Linked Libraries, you need to find the CI Tools Wall Covering.gsm file in the Coverings.lcf file (not the *.apx) :

Additional Object Parameter Window

There you can set to list by types to find the cladding areas easier:

Finding the Cladding Areas Easier

Then you can add to the fields, for example, the Main Cladding area.

Setting the Main Cladding Area
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