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Create Openings in Elements

Tips and Tricks Khan 27 May 2022

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Use the Opening Tool to place an Opening in a Wall, Slab, Mesh, or Beam. This tool can be also applied to place Curtain Walls in a defined profile.

An Opening is a hole/cutout that provides space for engineering items such as elevators and MEP elements. A limited-depth Opening can be defined, e.g. to create a Wall niche or Slab recess.

1. Activate the Opening tool.


2. Settings or the Info Box, define te Opening’s basic geometry, shape and anchor point, as needed. (Settings are described in detail below.)


3. Hover over the associated element (e.g. Wall) into which to place the opening. The pre-placement highlight indicates the geometry of the Opening and its associated element.

If the cursor is above several potential associated elements, use Tab to cycle the highlight among them.

Note: Opening geometry is measured relative to its associated element, and moves along with it.

4. Click once or twice to place the Opening, depending on its Orientation (see below): Aligned, Vertical, Horizontal or Custom.


In the Info Box, the Orientation defines the Opening extrusion relative to the associated element.

Aligned (default), Vertical, Horizontal or Custom


Position the Opening’s Anchor Point at any of the 9 points on the bounding rectangle.

Watch this Graphisoft video to see how Openings are placed into various building element types and the various options available for their placement.

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