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Create Waterfall Edge(s) to your Ci Cabinets

Tips and Tricks Luca Kornelia Kosa 31 May 2022

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Create Waterfall Edge(s) to your Ci Cabinets

If you use the Ci tools Cabinet Bench Top option for your Cabinet tops, you can use the Edge Type palette to customize each edge type of your Cabinet Bench Top.

Open the Configuration settings of the Ci Bench Top object and choose the Edge type Graphic Editing option.

On the floor plan, an edge selector palette will show up.

Grab the edge type that you would like to apply (including the Waterfall edge option) and inject it to the edge where you want to add it.
Note: It’s possible that the width of the Ci Bench Top needs to be adjusted a bit to accommodate the extra width of the Waterfall edge.

You can change the ‘depth’ of the Waterfall edge under the Ci Bench Top settings or manually by dragging the purple hotspot at the bottom.

To close the Edge Type selector palette grab the purple hotspot next to the ‘Setting wheel icon’ and place it next to the ‘X’ icon.



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