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Creating a New View Orientation

Tips and Tricks Sriram Krishnan 17 June 2020


Creating a New View Orientation

The default view orientations are Top, Front, Bottom, Left, Right and back view. It is possible to create a user-defined view orientation, in Solidworks.

Rotate the file to the desired view.

Click the downward triangle near view orientation to expand. Select more options or press space bar.

Click the downward triangle

Select New View Option to add the desired view to the orientation list.

SelectING New View Option

Give a name of your choice to the New View and Click OK.

GiveIng name to the New View

Save the view by clicking the save button next to the named view.

Saving the view

Now, the created new view will be assigned to the file and will always appear in the list of view orientation.

assigning the created new view to other file

To delete the created view, click Delete view from Solidworks option.

Deleting a view

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