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Creating and Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts

Tips and Tricks Emma Mearns 4 March 2020

Creating and Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts

An easy way to increase your productivity while designing is to use SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will allow you to launch commands quickly without needing to search for them in the toolbar, saving precious time. You can also create custom shortcuts based on the commands and features that you may use frequently. To create or modify a SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcut you need to:

1. With a document open, click Tools > Customize, or right-click in the window border and select Customize.

2. Select the Keyboard tab

3. Search for the command that you would like to create/edit a keyboard shortcut for using the Search for: search bar.

4. Add a custom shortcut, simply click the Shortcut(s) cell and type the keyboard shortcut to apply it. For example, if you frequently use Cut Extrude in your designs, click on Cut Extrude command in the chart and then enter a shortcut of your choosing (e.g. Shift + C)

5. If the shortcut you are trying to enter already exists, then you will get an error message. You can choose to overwrite this or cancel and try a different shortcut.


You can also refine your search to see what keyboard shortcuts already exist. After navigating to the Keyboard tab, you can click on the drop-down menu under Show and select Commands with Keyboard Shortcuts. You can change these defaults using the same process as above.

If you share your workstation with other SOLIDWORKS users remember to check with them before changing or adding any shortcuts.


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