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Archicad – Solibri Live Connection

Tips and Tricks Sonya Grabez 1 July 2024


Connect your Archicad model directly to Solibri for fast and automated code and constructability checking.

Solibri is a leading model checking software used for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, review, and analysis.

Solibri Connection automatically detects and sends only those elements that are changed in the Archicad model, resulting in faster round-trip collaboration.

To Connect your Model to Solibri:

Go to the Add-ons page and download your language version of Solibri Connection.

See graphisoft.com/downloads/addons.

In Archicad:

1. Open the Solibri Connection palette from File > Interoperability > Solibri Connection

2. Click Start Solibri.


Please note: Solibri must be started from Archicad to enable the communication between the two applications.

See this link for more information: Solibri Connection

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