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Cutting a Hole in a Benchtop to Put a Sink In

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 27 September 2021

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Whether  you are using a Ci Tools Cabinet, a slab, or any other object to create your benchtop, the easiest way to get your sink to appear correctly in it is by using Solid Element Operations.

First, bring up the Solid Element Operations palette from the Design menu. Then, select your benchtop, cabinet, and anything else that needs to be Cut, and hit ‘Add as Target’. Then select your sink and hit ‘Add as Operator’. Finally, change the Operation to Subtract with Upwards Extrusion, and hit Execute.

Cutting a hole in a Benchtop to put a Sink in

The hole that it cuts out will now follow your sink around, should you ever move or resize it

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