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Deleted Surfaces re-appear after re-loading the Library

Tips and Tricks Aqsa Hamza 7 November 2022


Deleted Surfaces re-appear after re-loading the Library

If you have surfaces that are reappearing after a library reload even though you have deleted them than there is a chance that you have a MasterGDL object in your custom or embedded library.

The name of these surfaces are usually with an under line or in italics in the attribute manager.

attribute manager

To delete these surfaces permanently from your file you will need to delete the MasterGDL object from the library.

Go to File < Libraries and objects < Library manager, find the MasterGDL object and delete it

MasterGDL object is in a red box

Once its deleted, go to attribute manager and delete the surfaces you want to get rid of and now they wont appear back again after a reload.

Please note that these objects can also be copied from embedded library of one file to another if any element/object is copied and pasted, therefore its a good idea to keep the libraries clean for all projects.



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