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Display of Zones

Tips and Tricks Natalie Adams 7 March 2022

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Display of Zones is new in ARCHICAD 25 Update 2.

If the Zones are not visible even though their layers are turned on.
The Legacy option for hiding Zones must have been activated.

Make sure the checkbox at Options > Project Preferences > Legacy is off:

Label Zones

Zones can now be labelled, just like other elements.

Floor Plan

When placing a Zone, the final click can now automatically place a Label, too.
Use Info Box settings to enable automatic Label placement, and choose the label type from the project’s list of Favourites.

If you do not want to place a Label when creating a Zone, turn the Place Label toggle off in the Zone Info Box.
The Zone Stamp remains, but in new projects, Zone Stamp display is turned off in all Model View Option Sets.


There are two ways to label zones: manually (one by one) or automatically.

The manual way is to use the Label Tool, find Zone Label from the favourites, which are included in the default ARCHICAD template.

  • select the Label Tool with the preferred favourite
  • make sure the geometry method is set to Associative
  • hover above one of the Zones
  • place the Label

The automatic way is to use the function under Document > Annotation > Label selected elements.

  • make sure that the Label Tool Default Setting are setup before
  • the type should be Zone Label
  • then select all the Zones in the current view
  • go to Document > Annotation > Label selected elements

This way your Zones will be labelled straight away.

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