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Duplicating and Editing Surfaces

Tips and Tricks Natalie Adams 2 March 2022


Duplicating and Editing Surfaces

You can use existing textured surfaces in Archicad to create new ones. For example an existing Siding or Brick Pattern might be a perfect set-out and hatch, but the wrong colour.

Select Options > Element Attributes > Surfaces > select a Surface then select NEW to duplicate.

Selecting a Surface then select NEW to duplicate

Change the Surface Colour, Emission and Specular to a chosen colour.  Drop Ambient and Diffuse values for the colour to appear.

Changing the Surface Colour

Change the Engine Settings to Cineware from Basic and change the way the colour appears when rendered.
The preview window will give you a clue as to how it looks.

Select a matching Colour. For Texture select Colour.  For Mix Mode select Multiply.

Selecting a matching Colour

Select OK to save your new material. A test render will indicate how it will perform.

House final output




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