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DWG Drawing Show In Axonometry

Tips and Tricks Camilo Valencia 11 September 2020


DWG Drawing Show In Axonometry

If you want to show a 2D DWG drawing in an axonometry or perspective in Archicad follow the next steps:

  1. Merge a DWG drawing into Archicad File>Interoperability>Merge
  2. Select the drawing, then go to Edit>Reshape>Linework Consolidation, keep everything select and press Next until you finish the process.
  3. Now save the drawing again as DWG. File>Save as (.dwg)  using the translator “Further editing”
  4. Now you can delete the old DWG drawing.
  5. Merge the new DWG drawing after being consolidated. File>Interoperability>Merge, you must select the translator “For editable Import” and also click on “Import Model Space content as GDL object”

Merging DXF-DWG Model Space

  1. Now click over the merge element and with the right click of your mouse “Convert Selection to Morph”.

Convert Selection to Morph

  1. Now your drawing will be visible in the Axonometry in 3D.

Drawing visible in the Axonometry in 3D

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