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Editing Story Levels in Elevation

Tips and Tricks Khan 19 July 2022


Editing Story Levels in Elevation

Edit Story Levels – (Design > Edit Story Levels).

You can edit the story levels in the elevation view by right-clicking on the story level and then click on Edit story levels OR by going to design>Edit story levels.

Editing story levelEditStoryLevelsContext.png

The Story Editing Mode palette appears. As long as the palette remains open on screen, you are in Story Editing mode and can move the story level lines by choosing one of the four modes from this palette

choosing modes from this palette

•Adjust only the selected story

•Adjust the selected story and all stories below

•Adjust the selected story and all stories above

•Adjust all stories

Move the cursor onto the Story Level Line you wish to move. The cursor will assume the Mercedes shape. Click and drag the story level line to edit its elevation.

Click OK to apply changes and exit Story Editing Mode. Associative elevation markers will be updated too.

The elements that are on the given stories will retain their elevation respective to their Home Story, as you will see when the view is updated after you click OK.

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