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Exporting IFC from Archicad – Classifications

Tips and Tricks Carolina Bundchen 4 March 2024

Exporting IFC from Archicad – Classifications

When you’re getting ready to export an IFC File, getting the right information attached to the 3D model (that “I” in “BIM”) is key. Your Classifications play a huge role here—they’ll turn into IFC Types using the Type Mapping in your IFC Translator Settings. It’s like the magic that makes sure all the important details come through when you’re creating a BIM project.

Before exporting your IFC model, make sure all your elements are classified, you will find the classification under the Element Settings:

To audit your Classifications you can use:

  • Graphic Overrides on 3D (create a rule where all classified elements are transparent and all non-classified elements have a bright colour)
  • Schedules (create a schedule where you list all elements by classification – element type – layer and check for inconsistencies)
  • Find & Select (add the criteria Archicad Classification > has no value)


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