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Eyedropper and Trace

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 16 October 2020

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Eyedropper and Trace

I’ve often wondered what the ‘Reference’ part in “Trace and Reference” refers to. Wouldn’t simply naming the feature ‘Trace’ do justice to it’s purpose?

Over the many years in practice, I’ve come to understand a lot of features in Archicad. But even now, as a Product Manager – on a daily basis examining client work, workflows, troubleshooting, teaching, designing features, writing syllabi and working directly with experts all around the globe I still find myself learning new and exiting things – even sometimes in the most trivial parts of the program.

This tip is thanks to our friends at Archisummit – they’ve given me an idea I’d like to share for all those users constantly designing and refining their templates.

The worksheet part of Archicad has a few interesting uses – we cover this in our Archicad Essentials course. One tip I’d like to pass on is the use of it as a key or legend for electrical objects (or objects in general) which can be both placed on layouts and used as a Trace Reference along with the eye dropper tool as a way to quickly activate the object (with all the associated metadata / properties one might need)

Eyedropper and trace


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