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Get Standard Steel Profiles

Tips and Tricks Jenna Durham 15 February 2023


Get Standard Steel Profiles

Did you know that Archicad is able to automatically create a dimensionally-accurate Complex Profile of nearly any standardised steel extrusion from over 30 countries?

From the Options ➔ Complex Profiles ➔ Import Standard Steel Profile… menu, you can access the Standard Steel Profile Database.

Here you can select the origin country (1), the profile shape (2), and the specific variant (3), then click ‘Add Profile To Project >>‘ to send it to the import list. You can import multiple profiles at once by adding them to this list, then clicking ‘Import‘.

The profile will then be added in the Profile Manager as a dimensionally accurate steel profile to use with the Beam and Column Tools.

As seen above, this profile will not include any fillets, for simplicity and performance reasons, but the profile can be easily edited in the Profile Manager if you wish to add them.

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