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Hiding CI Roof Framing Elements/Contours In 3D

Tips and Tricks Matthew Musgrove 14 April 2022

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Hiding CI Roof Framing Elements/Contours In 3D

The CI Roof covering tool is a helpful CI Tools add-on for Archicad which allows for the quick placement and easy modelling of roofing elements such as roof sheeting, flashing, soffits, gutters and downpipes, and is a really good way to save yourself time while modelling in Archicad.


Tip: When using the CI Roof covering tool you’ll notice that some the roof framing components appear through the roof cladding as contours when viewing your model in 3D.



To hide this, you can either:

Apply the setting below to a particular model view, in the model view options:

Model View Options > CI Coverings (select model) > Framing [Uncheck]


Or, you can turn off Contours through 3D Styles settings when viewing your 3D model:

3D styles > Contours > Show Contours [Uncheck]


If you haven’t used the Ci Roof covering tool before, please see below:

Adding a Ci Roof Covering


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