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Hotkeys in Solibri Model Checker

Tips and Tricks Luca Kornelia Kosa 14 December 2021

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Hotkeys in Solibri Model Checker

In Solibri there are many hotkeys that can help to access useful functions quicker.




Navigation Modes
1 1 Pan
2 2 Spin
3 3 Walk
4 4 Game
Component Tools
5 5 Info
6 6 Select
7 7 Hide
8 8 Markup
9 9 Dimension
0 0 Sectioning
Visibility Commands
Ctrl+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A Show All
Component Visibility
Alt+S Option+S Show/Hide Space
Alt+W Option+W Show/Hide Wall
Alt+L Option+L Show/Hide Slab
Alt+C Option+C Show/Hide Suspended Ceiling
Alt+R Option+R Show/Hide Roof
Alt+D Option+D Show/Hide Door
Alt+W Option+W Show/Hide Window
Alt+B Option+B Show/Hide Beam
Alt+O Option+O Show/Hide Column
Alt+T Option+T Show/Hide Stair
Zoom Commands
Home Function+Left Arrow Zoom Extents
Ctrl+KeyPad-1,3,7,9 Ctrl+KeyPad-1,3,7,9 SW, SE, NW, NE Viewpoints
Ctrl+ KeyPad-2,4,6,8 Ctrl+ KeyPad-2,4,6,8 N, W, E, S Viewpoints
Ctrl+KeyPad-5 Ctrl+KeyPad-5 Top-Down Viewpoint
Ctrl+Shift+O Ctrl+Shift+O Perspective/Orthogonal
T T Show/Hide Section Plane
X, Alt+X, Y, Alt+Y X, Alt+X, Y, Alt+Y Rotate Section Plane
Ctrl Ctrl Move Section Plane Slowly
Backspace DELETE Flip Section Plane
Space Space Next Section Plane
Delete N/A Delete Section Plane
Shift+Left Click Shift + Left Click Select Part
Ctrl+R Ctrl+R Continuous Spin
W,A,S,D W,A,S,D Walk
Ctrl+► Ctrl+► Expand Tree (Model Tree / Checking)


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