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How to Create a Custom Material in SOLIDWORKS

Tips and Tricks Naqibullah M 27 May 2020

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How to Create a Custom Material in SOLIDWORKS

Have you ever wanted to assign a material to a part that you were not able to find the existing SOLIDWORKS Material database?

If the answer to that is yes, then this blog shows you how to create such material by duplicating existing material.

1. Create a new part or open existing part:

2. Edit the material:

Editing Material

3. Copy an existing material, preferably use a similar material (to have to skip setting the colors):

Copy Existing Material

4. Create a new category for the new material:

Creating a new category

5. Paste the copied material into the new category (right-click on the new category):

Selecting category and paste it

6. Change the material name and its properties:

Changing the material name and its properties

7. Optional: set the appearance:

settng the appearance

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