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How to Import/Export Favorites

Tips and Tricks Fernanda Fiuza 27 April 2023

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How to Import/Export Favorites

As a project progresses, it’s a common practice to create new Favorites so we can facilitate the Design/Documentation stages. Importing those Favorites to a new file might be useful and help you save time.

We can easily import/export Favorites using the Favorites Palette:


  • Select the Favorites you want to export and then click on the Engine icon -> Import/Export

  • Click on “Select Favorites Only” in case you want to export only the selected Favorites and then, click on “Export…“. Save the file in your computer.

  • In the new file, open the Favorites Palette, go to the same option and this time, Import the favorites.

  • Select the saved Favorites file and import it in the palette. You can also bring the folders.

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