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How to lodge a Support Ticket

Tips and Tricks Fernanda Fiuza 8 September 2023


How to lodge a Support Ticket

If you’re facing issues with Archicad or the Ci Tools, you can reach our Support Team for assistance by lodging a ticket.

First, access https://myci.centralinnovation.com/ and go to “My Support/Support Tickets”:

Add the relevant information (Subject, Description, Archicad version and OS).

If you want to attach a file that is too large and can’t be uploaded, don’t worry! After lodging the ticket we will send you a link to a portal with no file size limits.

A few tips when lodging the ticket:

  • Describe objectively the issue you are facing and add the details you consider important.
  • Share your software version, the build number (go to the Help menu and check “About Archicad”), and hardware specifications. This information will help us understand and try to replicate your issue faster.
  • What steps had you taken (as precisely as possible) before the unexpected phenomenon happened? In what way is this different from what you had expected to happen?
  • Have you taken any steps to resolve the problem?
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