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How to use an image as the 3D view background

Tips and Tricks Fernanda Fiuza 28 April 2023

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How to use an image as the 3D view background

Did you know that it’s possible to use an image as the background of a 3D view?

And even better: with just a few clicks!

  • First, right-click on the 3D window/3D Styles/3D Styles…

  • Open the 3D Styles window and create a New style. Mark the option “As in Photorendering

  • Now, let’s open the PhotoRendering Settings. You’re not going to make a Render, just configure a background image.

Document/Creative Imaging/PhotoRendering Settings

  • In the session Background, let’s choose the Image option, then select the image you intend to use as a background.

  • Change the Position to Scale to fill for a better result.

  • Close the window. There’s no need to actually render the image.

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