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Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 18 February 2021

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Following on from yesterday’s tip about things on MyCi you might have forgotten about – don’t forget that we have full Manuals/Reference Guides for the Ci Tools available online!

Knowledge Base Manuals Dashboard

The Manuals cover most of how the tools work as ‘How To’ guides (like this one about how to model Corner doors and windows), as well as reference guides on how specific parts of the tools work as well (like this one about importing a sample database into Keynotes).

We also have general info about how to resolve common problems(like this one about how to Manually install the tools), answers to frequently asked questions (such as how to control how your Tip of the Day add-on should work), and info about Tools updates.

You can get to all this documentation anytime via this link, or by logging into MyCi and going to “Ci Tools Manuals”.

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