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Library Part Maker

Tips and Tricks Silvia Fernandez 27 June 2022

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Library Part Maker is an Archicad add-on that simplifies and streamlines the creation of custom GDL-based Library parts. It offers interactive Library element creation without any knowledge of GDL programming.

You can download the tool from https://graphisoft.com/downloads/addons/lpm/int

To use the template that contains examples, start a New Project in ARCHICAD and browse the folder of available templates (Defaults/ARCHICAD folder/ Library Part Maker Template)
LPM can be used with the standard local ARCHICAD template. Open the palette using one of these commands:
Design > Design Extras > Library Part Maker
Window > Palettes > Library Part Maker

Create the object geometry using ARCHICAD or simply import popular file formats (.IFC, .3dm, .3ds, .dwg, etc.)

Use the Morph Tool to geometrically model your object.

Adding data is easy, and you can also import data from an Excel spreadsheet.

Use the controls of Library Part Palette from top to bottom to design your new Library Part.

To find out more download the guide from https://help.graphisoft.com/AC/25/INT/LPM.pdf

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