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Library Recommendations

Tips and Tricks Andras Bognar 29 January 2021

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Library Recommendations

It is recommended to organize your libraries as follows:

1. Upload all your company’s libraries to a dedicated BIMcloud. This enables one-step updates which are then available to all users, including solo and Teamwork project users.

Library Manager

2. The Embedded Library should serve as your project library, containing project-specific objects that are always available and editable, and saved with the project.

3. Any project-specific object that you modify frequently should be placed in the Embedded Library.

4. Only embed those objects that are project-specific. Try to keep the Embedded Library small.

Keep the Embedded Library Small

5. If you want to use a custom object in several projects, it is better to place it into a Company Library stored on a BIMcloud that is accessible to all users, rather than save it to an Embedded Library.

Company Library stored on a BIMcloud

6. When you archive a project, use the PLA file format. It is NOT recommended to save all objects in the Embedded Library.

7. When you use Ci Tools the tools should be there just one time at your project libraries and it should be at ARCHICAD Library XX > CI tools Library XX

CI tools Library

8. (If you are a Select Client) Place the Select/Essential Library XX and the Surface Catalog XX to the ARCHICAD Library XX:

Placing the Select/Essential Library

9. Avoid the duplications and missing library parts:

library parts warning


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