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MEP Drawing Archicad 24 – Automatic Routing

Tips and Tricks Camilo Valencia 8 September 2020

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MEP Drawing Archicad 24 – Automatic Routing

The  MEP Modeler has the capacity to draw a section of Ducts, pipes and Electrical trace just using the magic wand as you can do with any other standard tool, to be able to use this, draw a continuous line that represents the section that you want to draw.

  • In the MEP Routing select the type of element, the form and the cross-section and click on Start Routing:
  • Select the line, then press the space bar and use the magic want to create the section.


Mep Routing

Unfortunately, this method can’t use different cross-section at the same time, if you want to do it in this way just click on start Routing and change the section while you are drawing.

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