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MEP Library

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 13 October 2020

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MEP Library

Archicad 24 comes with the MEP modeller. This is only available For Archicad 24 though, not previous versions of Archicad.

To use the MEP library and the special MEP Routing function you need to activate the MEP work environment. Depending on your localisation it might have a different name.

Click Options>Work Environment>Apply Profile and select the one designated to MEP.

If the MEP Routing Pallet does not appear automatically it can be activated from the Windows > Pallets > MEP Routing.

You’ll also want to use the Library Manager to load the MEP library parts into Archicad 24. Alternatively, you can open up the Archicad application folder, find the MEP library folder and place it inside the standard library so it will automatically load with your template.



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