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Migrating Roof Coverings

Tips and Tricks Jenna Durham 16 February 2023


Migrating Roof Coverings

Sometimes when settings for the CI Roof Covering objects are carried over from older Archicad versions, the Tool may struggle to correctly identify the Roof edges, resulting in mismatched and incorrectly assigned edge types that can be difficult to fix.

To fix this, you can manually migrate the Roof Coverings. With all Roof Covering elements selected, open the Element Settings window to the ‘Configuration…‘ settings page.

Here you must click the ‘Re-set Migrated Edges‘ button. This will clear any issues in the initial migration causing the edges to be assigned incorrectly. This will also cause two new drop-down menus to appear on the ‘Configuration…‘ settings page which should be set as shown below:

This will be enough for any new Coverings using these settings, but for already placed Coverings, the roof edges can be manually corrected in the CI Tools ➔ Coverings ➔ Edit Roof Edges… window. Click through the different edges looking for incorrect or ‘Mixed’ edges. In some cases, the roof type must also be fixed, you will need to click the ‘Apply Roof Type‘ button after selecting the correct roof type.

Once you have corrected the edges and roof type click ‘OK‘ and enjoy your fixed Roof Coverings!

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