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Missing Annotations in Schedule

Tips and Tricks Darleen De Guzman 13 September 2021


Missing Annotations in Schedule

This issue has been caused by a known defect or limitation rather (DEF-931) because it is a result of how the Schedule works. The annotations are thrown away when the criteria set or view settings change. The workaround could be annotating at the end of the design process and saving multiple Schedules instead of changing the View settings or criteria set of them.

There is a known issue called DEF-931 which is fixed in the 2021 September/October release. The good news is that you can work around this:

View Setting Window

Annotations drawn in the schedule are locked to the elements that appear and changing the renovation status in the view actually deletes the elements, which delete the annotations.

To avoid this issue, you just need to create a new schedule rather than a new view. 

Schema Setting Window

Likewise, for an existing schedule your criteria would look for existing elements and those which need to be demolished.

Criteria and Value

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