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File Performance: Model View Options

Tips and Tricks Jose Rivera 30 May 2024


File Performance: Model View Options

More often than ever we are in front of very complex 3D Models, that can use a high amount of resources from our computers. Those files are hard to handle, making your computer to struggle to navigate them smoothly. Many times, this performance drop is due to the high amount of polygons the model has, this can be due to the amount of elements, objects complexity, or a high level of detail.

That’s why it’s good to know exactly what is the level of information needed for the model, and try to avoid to overload it with unnecessary data or details. If you have done this already, and all what you have is the necessary elements. The Model View Options could be a handy tool to manage complex 3D views to work and navigate more fluently.

Model View Options allow to lower the level of detail for elements controlled by it, such as Curtain Walls, Stairs, Railings and Objects. So by creating a specific view to work on, you will be able to handle your projects better. As shown in the below images, the amount of Polygons in this model has been drop more than 90% just by using this feature.


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