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Moving Solidworks License Manager from one server to another Server.

Tips and Tricks Ravi Solanki 10 November 2022

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Moving Solidworks License Manager from one server to another Server.

Moving Solidworks Network License Manager from one server to another Server.

Step 1: Deactivate the license

Load up the Solid Network License Manager on the Server machine that is hosting your licensees.

It’s important to return all the borrowed licenses (if any) to the server from the user machines using

the SolidNetwork License Manager Client application.

Solid Network License Manager

From the ‘Server Administration’ tab, select “Stop” (before doing that you must make sure no one is using the license).

Options under Server Administration

Deactivate the license:

  • On the server, launch the SNL Manager of the previous version. (Start -> All Programs -> SOLIDWORKS -> SOLIDWORKS Tools -> SolidNetwork License Manager Server
  • Select the Server Administration tab and click Modify.
  • Choose the option to Move your product license(s) to a new/upgraded computer and click Next.
  • Choose the option to transfer the license Automatically over the Internet, > click Next.

Steps in moving a product licenses to a new computer


three steps in activating or deactivating your solidworks product


deactivation succeeded

You will be advised of the successful license transfer and then click Finish.

Once you have full access to your Server Machine on the second machine, you can then navigate to

Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager.

Step 2) Add the SolidNetWork Serial Number(s)

Launch SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager Setup and hit the Next button.

Note: If you have SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager installed and need to change the serial,

then you can modify install and add the serial number.

Navigate to Control panel > SolidNetWork License Manager > Right click > change and follow Step 2.


hit the Next button

This will take you to the Program Maintenance step, where you can modify, repair, or remove the program.

Since we are adding a new serial number, make sure “Modify” is selected and go “Next”.

selecting MODIFY then NEXT

This will take you to the License Information screen where you can enter your new serial number(s).

Multiple serial numbers can be entered by separating them with a comma. Hit “Next” once you’ve entered your number(s).

License Information

Click Next and select Install.

INSTALL is highlighted in yellow

The last step is to Activate/Reactivate your licenses on the SNL

Activating/Reactivating the SolidNetwork License Manager Server is the last vital step you need to do to use licenses.

Navigate to Windows -> SOLIDWORKS Tools {year} -> SolidNetWork License Manager Server.

SolidNetwork License Manager Server

This will launch the SNL Manager Server where you will have access to the “Server Administration” tab.

Select “Modify” under License Information to start the process.


This will take you to the product activation screen. Choose the option to “Activate/Reactivate your

product license” and click “Next”.

the second option is highlighted in yellow

This will take you to the SolidNetWork License Server Information Screen. Select ‘Next’ to continue

using the same firewall ports and options file settings as you had before to proceed.

When you get to the “Activate/Deactivate Your SOLIDWORKS Product” window, click on the “Select All” button and click “Next”.

NOTE: You should verify that all the network serial numbers you previously entered are listed on the serial

numbers window and reactivate them all. This is extremely important if your serial number includes products

such as Visualize and CAM that are subscription based. After you renew your subscription, please ensure you

perform this step so that the products reflect the correct Entitlement End Date, and your users can continue

using these products seamlessly.

three steps with numbers to easily follow

You should see the Activation/Reactivation Succeeded page after a few seconds. This means your additional

SNL serial numbers are now activated, and you should have access to the newly added assets.

If you do not receive this message or receive an error, please contact your VAR. Click “Finish” to complete the process.

click FINISH for the final step


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