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New Features in Archicad

Tips and Tricks Silvia Fernandez 17 August 2022

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Based on user’s feedback, Archicad 26 brings easier navigation, removes repetitive tasks, and adds consistency among the tools.

Check out the Highlights of the Archicad 26 new Features:

Improved Attribute Management

Faster Project Navigation

Improved 2D Editing 

PDF Import Enhancements 

New Autotext for Master Layouts 

Graphic Override Enhancements 

Level Dimensions Updates

New Professional Textures

Customized Kitchen Cabinetry

Improved IFC 

Structural Workflow 

Additional improvements

Smart Object Creation with Library Part Maker

Archicad-Enscape Connection

Accurate Building Energy Evaluations

See more detailed information about all the new features on Archicad 26 in the Archicad user Guide

Learn more about Ci Tools online through video tutorials and the Ci Tools Knowledge Base

Get your Archicad 26,  download the package to suit your Operating System and Region from the links below:


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