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New Users – Archicad Vs Revit Shortcut Keys

Tips and Tricks Natalie Adams 9 March 2021

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Tips and Tricks • Natalie Adams • 25 February 2021

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Shortcut Keys are common way of selecting tools or performing functions in Archicad and Revit. Below is a sample of some of the main functions in comparison. 

Shortcut Keys

In Archicad you can customise your shortcuts to suit your own working method. Archicad shortcuts require a function key; Ctrl, Shift or Alt.

Revit uses the general keyboard and some function keys for shortcuts.

You can customise your Shortcut Keys to suit your own working method in Archicad

  • Options> Work Environment> Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Select Keyboard Shortcuts > Select a tool under Commands
  • Create New Shortcut > press desired shortcut keys
work environment

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