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PDM Resource Monitor Warning

Tips and Tricks Mithilesh 7 April 2021

PDM Resource Monitor Warning

SOLIDWORKS PDM Resource Monitor Warning that the available GDI handles are critically low for Explorer.exe

SOLIDWORKS PDM Resource Monitor Warning

GDI (Graphical Device Interface) each application that displays graphical objects.Each process has a limit of 10K GDI handles. When the application is close to approaching this threshold, warning GDI handles run low will be displayed. In the case of SOLIDWORKS PDM, having many Windows Explorer dialog boxes open, can consume the available GDI handles.

Starting from SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 and future releases reports when handles are running low, and allows to close SOLIDWORKS PDM dialog boxes before Windows Explorer crashes.

If you running SOLIDWORKS with PDM addin, save and close SOLIDWORKS session. This will release GDI handles. You can also increase the GDI limit above 10K, for this registry edit will be required. Kindly contact your reseller to increase this limit.

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