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Point Cloud From Your Smartphone Into Twinmotion

Tips and Tricks Andras Bognar 16 March 2022

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Point Cloud From Your Smartphone Into Twinmotion

You can use any applications with LiDAR 3D scanner functions on your smartphone that can make an XYZ or e57 filetypes, and then you can import that point cloud file into Twinmotion.

You can import the point cloud to Archicad and then you can build your model using the point cloud as a 3D reference. See the previous post from here: https://centralinnovation.com/technical-resources/tips-and-tricks/import-point-cloud-from-your-phone-into-archicad/

Then you can combine these two into Twinmotion, check this video:

In Twinmotion the point cloud is imported with its “centre of gravity” to the Twinmotion origin, and the Archicad model will be imported with its project origin to the Twinmotion origin.

That is why you need to find the point cloud “centre of gravity” point in Archicad and use the x and y distances from the Archicad project origin to offset the point cloud in Twinmotion.

Note: in Twinmotion you  CAN make render with the point cloud points. In Archicad, you can NOT make render with the point cloud points because they don’t have any surface.

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