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Profiler (Goodies Add-on)

Tips and Tricks Camilo Valencia 17 June 2020


Profiler (Goodies Add-on)

Archicad has additional tools that can be used to solved different issues while you are working, for example, “profiler” will allow you to create Objects extruding a profile, this one can be Straight or Curved, this tool is part of the Add-on Goodies that can be download in the next link: https://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/goodies/

  • To create an object drawn in the floor plan the profile to extrude.
  • Select the profile and go to Design>Design Extras>Profiler, choose straight or curved geometry, select the anchor point, set the attributes and press OK.

Profile Settings Dialog

  • Extrude the element, when you will finish the extrusion, Save profile will become available.

Saving Profile

  • Then the profile will become a library part.
profile become a library part

Library part

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