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Room Accessories – Add on

Tips and Tricks Camilo Valencia 21 January 2021


Room Accessories – Add on

If you ever had to draw repetitive elements in different rooms as an accessory in the Ceiling, Walls or floor, you can use the tool Interior Wizard.

The tool is part of the Goodies Add-on, to download it, use the next link: https://graphisoft.com/downloads/goodies/ac24

To use it, you must select add and select a 3D zone, then go to Design>Design Extras>Interior Wizard>Create Room accessories


Room accessories setting

The interphase will allow you to select the accessory (Note: There is a default library called Accessories Library” that must be added to the library Manager)

Choosing Ceiling Accessory Object

You don’t have to modify any settings related to the Elevation, this one will be attached to the Story level or the wall edge, you must modify the position manually if is necessary.

Ceiling Accessory
Room with ceiling and walls

It’s a fast way to create Ceilings, Internal Moldings, Wall finishes and simple structures (Those are part of the Accessories library).

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