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Rotate Objects That Don’t Usually Rotate – Using Objective

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 19 February 2021

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Once in a while, you’ll use an object in Archicad that won’t let you manuipulate it in the way you want to.

Often, for 3D objects, that means not letting you Rotate it in 3 dimensions – you can spin it around in your plan view, but if you want to Tilt it, you’re out of luck – that’s where our Ci Objective tool comes in.

Just select the uncooperative object in a 2D view, head to the Ci Tools menu, then Objective, and then Rotate. Then just draw your rotation axis, and choose the rotation angle.

choosing the rotation angle

The object will be rotated in whatever direction you like, and even though it’s been converted into an Objective object now, it retains all the settings and parameters it had before – so you don’t lose any functionality.

Chair Object
Rotating the Chair

More information is available in our Ci Tools Documentation here: https://cadimage.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206663953-How-to-Rotate-an-object-using-Objective

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