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SOLIBRI tips – Section Tool

Tips and Tricks Luca Kornelia Kosa 19 August 2021

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SOLIBRI tips – Section Tool

SOLIBRI Model checker is there to improve BIM models for integrity, quality, and physical security. The model checker X-rays the building and reveals potential flaws and weaknesses in the design, highlights clashing components and checks that the model complies with the Building codes and organisations own best practices.

You can download the free version from the link below. It’s great for model quality assurance, issue management, and IFC model checking.

SOLIBRI Anywhere

The Sectioning tool allows you to cut multiple sections in your model.

Adding a section: Once the sectioning tool is activated, you can click on a surface and a section plane will appear. Select six at any given time: North, South, West, East, Top and Bottom.

Moving a section: Press the SHIFT key and click on the section key with the mouse to move it

Sectioning tool

Inverse a section: Hit the Backspace key (Windows) or the Delete key (macOS)

Adding multiple sections: To add an additional section click on another face

Angle a section: You can angle placed sections by pressing the X or Y keys. To undo the action press Alt+X or Alt+Y

Hide a section plane: Push the T key

Delete a section plane: Hit delete (Windows) or deleteX (macOS)

Deleting a section plane

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