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SOLIBRI tips – Dimension Tool

Tips and Tricks Luca Kornelia Kosa 11 November 2021

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SOLIBRI tips – Dimension Tool

You can easily measure and dimension elements with the Dimension tool (shortcut 9) in SOLIBRI.
Change to the Dimension tool (Shortcut 9) and simply click on faces, corners or edges to create dimensions.

Selecting Dimension Tool
Holding down the Control key while dimensioning an element will measure the minimum distance between elements.
Horizontal and vertical dimensions can be added as well. To do that Right-click and select Show Dimension options. If this option is selected these options can be changed before placing dimensions.

Showing Dimension options

If you click on the wrong spot to start the dimension simply hit the ESC and start another one.
If you would like to remove a dimension activate the Hide tool (Shortcut 7) and click on the dimension to delete it.
To remove them all just click on the Show All button.
You can read more about the Dimension Tool HERE.

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