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SOLIDWORKS 2020 New Features – Hole Callouts in Section Views

Tips and Tricks Tianshuo Sun 6 February 2020

SOLIDWORKS 2020 New Features – Hole Callouts in Section Views

In SolidWorks 2020, you can add hole callouts in section views.

Hole callouts can be applied to cross-sectioned holes and slots, in section views, broken-out section views, and detail views. It can be applied to Hole Wizard holes and slots, Advanced Holes, Holes created with Cut-Revolve and Holes and slots created with Cut-Extrude.

To add hole callouts in section views:

Click Hole Callout (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Hole Callout.

Hole Callout

Select any line segment of the cross-sectioned hole:

Click to select a side edge:

selecting a side edge

Shift + click to select a top or bottom edge:

selecting a top or bottom edge

Click to place the callout.

Clicking to place the callout

The four holes in the demonstration picture above from left to right are created by Hole Wizard, Advanced Hole, Cut-Revolve and Cut-Extrude respectively.

Applying All Uppercase to Dimensions and Hole Callouts

You can also set dimensions and hole callouts to display characters in all uppercase in the graphics area.

You can apply all uppercase to selected dimensions and hole callouts. In any dimension or hole callout PropertyManager, under Dimension Text, select All uppercase.

You can also set the default as all uppercase for all new dimensions and hole callouts in a document. In any part, assembly, or drawing, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Drafting Standard. Under Uppercase, select All uppercase for dimensions and hole callouts.

In this example, this option has already been chosen.

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