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Speed up your custom Libraries

Tips and Tricks Jenna Durham 9 January 2023


Speed up your custom Libraries

If you have custom library elements that you use in your projects, you have most likely placed these into a linked folder. But did you know you can turn this folder into an Archicad Library Container File?

Archicad Container Files (LCF’s) can be processed by Archicad much more quickly than a folder of textures or GSM files, at the cost of not being editable. This means that you need to be sure that your custom library is exactly how you want it before converting it to LCF format.

Before you start, it is important that your custom library does not have any duplicate elements, either internally or from other linked libraries, as these will slow down your projects.

warning sign

This library needs some work

To turn your library into a Library Container File, Select the File ➔ Libraries and Objects ➔ Create Container… menu:

clicking Libraries and Objects and Create Container

Then select the Library folder from the list that appears and click ‘Create‘:

CREATE is boxed in red

Choose a name and location for your Library and click ‘Save‘, then all that is left is to add it to your Library Manager and remove the old folder version. Now Archicad will load projects a little bit faster!

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