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System Specs

Tips and Tricks Gareth Morgan 28 February 2020

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System Specs

When logging a support ticket sometimes is good to attach the system specs.



If you are on a PC could you hit Start and search ‘dxdiag’

You will see a blue circle with a yellow cross with a program called ‘dxdiag.exe’

If you could open that accepting any prompt that may come up

You will then see a button at the bottom right saying ‘Save All Information’

That will save a simple text file wherever you choose (desktop is handy)

If you could send me that text file please it may help in diagnosing the problem



If you are on a Mac could you hit the Apple icon at the top left and choose ‘About this Mac’

Take a screenshot of the Overview dialog.

From there click on ‘System Report’

Then up at the top choose File>Save and save the .spx to your desktop

Send both the screenshot overview and the System Report .spx it may help in diagnosing the problem.

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