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Trace Reference View Settings

Tips and Tricks Alice Issa 3 February 2020


Trace Reference View Settings

Have you ever wonder why you have different options of the same story to trace as Reference?

Some of them have a blue icon and others a black icon.

Choosing Reference

The references with a black icon are from the Project Map, the blue ones from the View Map

And the main difference between the two of them is the view settings applied (Layer combinations, Graphic Overrides, Partial structure display, Model View Options, Renovation Filter, Pen sets). While the reference traced from the project map has the same view settings from your current view, tracing a reference from the View Map will bring the viewpoint with the view settings saved in the traced view.

When it’s not necessary to have different view settings on the working view and traced view, choose the reference from the Project Map, as it can help with the performance of the software due to fewer calculations.

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